Black-Owned Business in Chicago


If you’re looking for independent black-owned business clothes in Chicago, look no further than Shernett Swaby. Founded in 2004, this Chicago-based designer is focused on the art of creating and selling clothes. Her awards include Best Local Designer and Top 5 finisher on Project Runway Canada. Her clients include hip-hop artists, celebrities, and even discerning customers. Her designs include women’s and men’s apparel, as well as accessories.

Shernett Swaby is a fashion designer

Shernett Swaby is an internationally renowned fashion artist. Originally from Jamaica, Swaby attended the International Academy of Design and graduated in 1998. Swaby began her career as a lingerie designer, designing a line of underwear that she sold in lingerie stores across Ontario. Her designs have been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and she recently placed fifth in Canada’s PROJECT RUNWAY competition.

Shernett Swaby has a small, independent clothing line, which features avant-garde designs and architectural aesthetics. Shernett Swaby also offers free alterations for all pieces purchased at her Chicago boutique. Additionally, Swaby is committed to fair trade and ethical manufacturing. The label ‘couture’ is overused, but this Chicago boutique is dedicated to offering the highest quality clothing and supporting the ethical fashion movement.

Her clothing line uses avant-garde designs

Shernett Swaby began her career as eight-year-old girl sewing clothes for dolls. Now, she’s a bespoke local fashion designer in Chicago. Her line includes men’s and women’s underwear. Swaby uses her underwear revenue to create women’s clothing. She has two shops: one in Toronto, Canada, and another in Chicago.

Shernett Swaby’s clothing line is an independent label that focuses on avant-garde designs and architectural aesthetics. She offers free alterations and is dedicated to ethical manufacturing practices. Swaby’s clothing line is part of the growing ethical clothing design movement. Swaby’s work is often referred to as “couture,” a word that has been overused in the fashion industry. While it means a “custom piece of clothing,” only a few Chicago-based designers bother with this style of fashion.

Her leather goods feature an origami theme

The name of Shernett Swaby’s new line is a playful play on the origami concept, and the line includes leather bags, wallets, and belts. The pieces are all handmade and feature an origami theme, and Swaby offers customizing options for his customers. The Toronto-based designer plans to expand his line to other major cities, though Toronto is likely to remain his primary location. In addition to opening an exclusive boutique, Swaby hopes to open stores in London and Paris.

Shernett Swaby was born and raised in Canada, but she started sewing at an early age. She mended her own clothes and helped her mother sew. She’s been refining her craft ever since. The handmade garments she designs have an origami theme and a unique style that is both fashionable and comfortable. The company also offers free alterations. Customers can also have their custom designs altered if they wish.

Shernett Swaby offers free alterations

If you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable way to get custom clothing made, consider visiting Shernett Swaby. This Chicago-based boutique caters to the fashion-forward, fashion-conscious customer. In addition to free alterations, customers can visit for closet consultations to find out how to choose the best fitting piece for them. In addition to tailoring garments for the body type of each customer, Shernett will teach customers how to shop smarter and make the most of their purchases.

Located in Chicago, Shernett Swaby is a black-owned business that offers free alterations for its customers. Her designs have gained her international acclaim as an artist. In addition to free alterations, the store supports the movement toward ethically produced clothing. Whether you need a simple hemline adjustment or a complicated jacket or coat, Swaby’s is a great place to start.